Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Last Saturday for Landon's birthday we went up to Oak Glenn, which is my favorite place to go to. I want to buy a house up there some day. Anyways, we found the perfect picture spot for the Fall/Halloween/Harvest picture. Wyatt wouldn't pose any other way, sometimes he is so stubborn. But it's a cute!
Wyatt kept throwing leaves up in the air and having them fall on him. It was so cute I had to take a picture of it, however, in this one there aren't any leaves...oh well.I couldn't help but take a picture of this. The colors are so beautiful. I love fall, it's my favorite time of year. This is what I picture my dream drive way would be, isn't beautiful!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

starting young

I caught my son making out with himself. He totally enjoys crawling to the mirror and kissing himself. However, as you can see he gets angry when I catch him in the act. So I just let him practice. If he is going to be anything like his mom, he'll need all the practice he can get. :PAlready using the tongue. Wow, that's a lot slobber. What a kisser! Girls watch out!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

sweet baby nate

I have been wanting to post these pictures for a while now, but I have waited so that Taryn can send out the announcements first. I went to Ryan and Taryn's apartment to take some pictures of their new son Nate, who is soooo cute. He was so good through the shoot. He was so relaxed and I loved how he would look straight at the camera. I loved how these pictures came out. They are such a cute family. Thank you so much for letting me come and capture your sweet moments

This was by far my favorite picture of the day. Taryn looks so BEAUTIFUL here. I love this one!


I really enjoyed this one as well. I love the way Taryn is looking at Ryan. They are such a wonderful family and I was so happy that I could take their family pictures, Thanks you guys!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

dogs for sale

I had posted a while ago that my aunt's dog had puppies. Well they are now for sale. They are pure labs, and if you are interested just let me know. Wyatt just had a hay day with them. His favorite thing to do was to lay down and have all the puppies come and attact him. He kept doing it over and over again. Then he had to pick them up one at a time and say " Mom take picture.....CHEESE!!" then drop them, and pick the next puppy up. It was cute.
Poor Shane, we let him sit with the puppies and he liked it at first. However, he then started to get attacted by them. You can see one bitting his toes and the other bitting his ear. What kind of mom am I? I see it happen and all I can think of is..ow I gotta get a picture of this. It was cute.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

amazing experience

I had the most amazing experience last night. I was asked to assist with one of my favorite photographers, Michelle Nuttall. ( It was so awesome. It was so fun just to talk with her, get some pointers, and most of all to shoot with a bunch of different lens that I haven't shoot with before. The wedding was one of your high end weddings (which I haven't done yet) so to deal with a wedding coordinator was something totally different. Just a side note, when I went to introduce myself to her I went to shake her hand and she looked at my hand and started to say else with out shaking my hand. It was totally an insult, but Michelle said that was nothing of some of the things she has done to others. However, I did not let it get to me. And from what I can see from the camera the pictures were coming out so beautiful. The bride and groom were so cute too. They were a piece of cake to deal with. They were so easily posed and was so full of life and love that it just beamed though the camera. I was on a total high! Because I was assisting to Michelle, I doubt that I would be able to get any prints that I did because it's under her name. To me, the experience was totally worth it. I fell that I should have paid her with all the help that she has given me. And I do have to say thank you to Sara for recommending me to her....Thank you!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bitter Sweet Addiction

Last night was such a bitter sweet night for me. I finished The Eclipse. I have completly fallen love with these books (and Edward) and now I'm done. I'm so sad. But oh how I'm waiting for the next book. Today was so funny, I knew some of my young women have read it so I had to talk to them about it. It was so nice to talk to some people that have fallen love with these books as much as I have. I want to write so much more about the book, but I won't want to spill the beans for anyone...Kara. Until then, I will be addicted (fall of 08). I promise that my next post won't be about these books.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Soon to be Mr & Mrs. Holland Eng. Pictures

A few weeks ago I did the engagement pictures for a couple that I will be doing for their wedding for in Nov. It was the weekend that it was raining. I haven't posted them yet because I wanted to wait to get my newer version of photoshop.... so I can do more fun stuff with them. I just have a few here, I can't let myself get too carried away. But they were such a fun couple to be with. I'm really excited for their wedding.

This is my favorite so far. I love how it's all about the girl and the guy just lets her be in the spot light. She's so cute too. She'll be a beautiful bride!

Theres something about this red wall that I just fell in love with. But I do love red!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


So Landon and I went up to Utah for the weekend..again, kind of a spear of the moment of kind thing. It was really nice to be alone with my boys and just get away. So in my last post I had mention that I was totally addicted to the Twilight series, which I am. So when we were up in St. George we (meaning I, telling Landon) had to stop at the Deseret Book Store so I can buy the New Moon. OH MY GOSH!!! I read that book in three days! LOVE IT!! So how wonderful is Edward, for those out there who have read it! I'm so in love with their love story. I could totally tell that Landon was jealous of the book this weekend because I spent more time with the book then him. Well it was my vacation too. I'm going to be so sad when its all over. But I am looking forward for the movie!

Things you can tell when your Addicted to the book.....for those of you who have read it, you'll have a good laugh.

1. Caught daydreaming about the reunion they would have, where and when and how she would react (however, it was totally not what I thought)

2. Had a really bad dream about Victoria

3. Became scared of the dark, because......well everything that is in the book.

4. However, I was hoping that Edward would just show up on the side of my bed telling me it would be just fine

5. Starting to think that Vampires aren't as scary as I thought, and there is something ...exciting about them.
6. Trying my hardest to really picture how beautiful Edward is.
7. Yelling at Bella saying "YES !!!!!!" (I don't want to give away something, but it is towards the end of the The New Moon")

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm totally ADDICTED!!!!

So I kept seeing that all these people saying they were addicted to this book called the "Twilight". I needed to get a book to help jump start my mindless brain and start becoming a human again after my kids have sucked it dry. So I got it. OK so I bought Monday afternoon, and all I can think about is Edward. I love it. Its a 500 page book and I'm already on page 422. I have not been able to put it down. Here's a top ten list of how you know when your addicted:
1. Your house is totally mess.
2. Laundry...what is that?
3. Each time you need to get a dish out you have wash it from the sink because dishes have not been done for
a week.
4. Your two year old cries each time you pull it out to read.
5. You ask your kids if the "Twilight" can be their bed time story.
6. You catch your mind in a daydream of what could happen next.
7. It's 2:00am in the morning and your still reading not wanting to put it down.
8. An ounce of you wishes you could go back to high school days and have an Edward find you. (J/k on that one)
9. You find yourself not caring about the new t.v. shows because your reading the best book ever.
10. Your husbands name seems to become Edward.