Tuesday, April 29, 2008

on a hot day

boys in water

So if you live in Southern California you know that it has been hotter then Hades here. We have had such a hot weekend! So I pulled out the old plastic pool and filled it on up. The boys couldn't have been happier. However, that is all they want to do now is swim in the pool.

I had to take this picture of Shane with the biggest diaper ever. You can tell it's still spring......no swim diapers yet.
big diaper

shane laughing

Wyatt just loves his brother. He is always hugging him. However, I try to teach him not to do it around the neck. It might take a little while.
brother love
It was kind of nice to soak up some sun. I just hope this isn't any indication of how hot the summer is going to be.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my friends Pat and Brittany

I have been looking forward for this for awhile. I have been friends with Pat and his family since I started dating Landon. And when he started to date Brittany, Landon and I knew he was going to pop the question. It was just a matter of time. Every week when I would see Brittany's mom I would ask if he asked yet. And finally he did. However, I was so excited when Brittany asked me to be their photography for their wedding. What I thought was so cute about them in the session is that they are so lovey-dovey. They will just sit there and look at each other in the eyes and gaze. Then they will start to twril their fingers with each others. They are sooooo ready to get married. But I think it's cute (especially when you can whip a boy like. Good job Brittany! Dan......I mean Pat, you know I'm having fun.)

pat and brit

pat kissing brit

DSC_0084 pwf,l s


kissing hand

I love the side angle of her ring.
ring shoot

in alley

We found this little alley and I fell in love with it. However, I am a sucker for brick!


piggy back
I am so happy for them. Who knew, the girl you knew growing up would one day be your wife. I'm so excited for you both. Can't wait for the big day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a sad little story

I have a little sad story to tell. Landon and I have been really crushed about this. And some how I am able to laugh and cry (not really, but like I said, I'm really sad). Yesterday the trees in back of our house were trimmed. They are HUGE pine trees that bug me so much. If there is just a tiny breeze in the air, my backyard gets covered with pine needles.(So you can imagine what happens when we have Santa Anas). I would go and complain to the city a lot. So one day out of the blue I come home from walking to Home Depot to get some steaks for my tomato plant and this is what I found.

They have trimmed the trees and just let the branchs fall on to the garden. I wonder what the guy up in the tree was thinking "Bamb, got that plant, Bullseye, Hit that one. Man I'm good at hitting these plants." The guy is right above my garden and saw exactly what he was doing....smashing my plants. This is the saddest sight. So above is my early girl tomato, below is my sunflowers, green beans and my purple and red bell peppers.


This here is my cherry tomato.

Doesn't this look so sad? My poor little garden.

And this is what it looked like with the some of the branches pulled off. I had to pull them off so I could take the pictures.
DSC_0231 pop burn

On a lighter note, Shane just loved licking the cookie dough on the mixer. So here are some shots (from my point and shot) of our little weekend of just us two. On Friday we headed to Disneyland (we have passes so it was kind of free for us, so why not go?) For the first time I was able to go and eat at the Blue Bayou, and ........well I did it, and will I do it again........maybe when I'm older. It was kind of cool to say that we did it. Other then that, my taste buds have had better.

Then on Saturday we went horseback riding. Landon and I have this dream that when we buy a house it's going to be on open land and we'll have horses and a huge area for my garden. Well we will most likely not be getting that living here in California, but it was nice to dream that this past weekend. But after riding for two n half hours (which is way too long if you have never rode horses) I have come to the conclusion that I will let Landon do all the riding. I really enjoyed riding, but my horse Cowboy just wanted to trot. So come Saturday night I could not walk. I couldn't even go to church on Sunday. I was in sooo much pain. I couldn't sit, stand, walk, or lay down without being in so much pain. But all in all it was a wonderful weekend without the kids.


I'm sure the people at the stables just got a good laugh at us. I had the dress up cowboy boots on and we both had cowboy hats from target. We are such wannabes, but it was fun!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the monroe kids

I love being an aunt, and I absolutely love all my nieces and nephews. I love being in a family where it just keeps growing. (However, it seems to be at a stand still right now, and it will be for.....a little while. And that is OK) But one of my favorite things to do as an aunt is taking pictures of my nieces and nephews. I have been doing this since Landon and I were dating (that would be since High School). So every year we take the kids out, put them in some cute outfits and I snap away. However, by far this has been my favorite session with these kids. I took them up in hills where the yellow flowers are growing like crazy and shoot away.

I loved Madison in these flowers. madison 2 blog

taylor blog

reagan blog

abby blog
Grant is such a little hunk.
grant blog

I love these girls. And I love this photo.
all girls 2 blog

However, I couldn't decide if I liked it better in black and white. I love the feel I get from both of them.
all girls blog

With any photo shoot that involves kids, your on a time limit. And from the looks of this picture you can tell their time is up. However, I love it! Each of them have their own expression, their own personality showing through. I love you Abby. ( Hope you got a good smile out of this one Kalli)
all kids blog
You guys did great!
Well I am out for the weekend. I have the pleasure of celebrating my fifth anniversary with my handsome, wonderful, thoughtful, loving husband. Man I have been blessed. Have a wonderful weekend

Monday, April 7, 2008

a new little place

I have been wanting to go and find a location where I could shoot some pictures with all the wild mustard flowers in the background. The hills by our house has tons of them growing everywhere. So one day when I was tiered of being locked up in the house I decided to go for a drive. I finally found a spot were there wasn't a fence and I took advantage of it. Here are just some cute little shoots that I liked.

wyatt blog

For some reason I fell in love with Wyatt's expression here. Landon didn't care for it, but this isn't Landon's blog, so I posted it.

old blog
I love this picture of Shane. I couldn't have asked for a better time for him to be happy and cheerful. He loved playing in the flowers (but sometimes they looked like weeds....Which maybe they are)

Shane g blog
I feel in love this this sign. It was so old and rusty looking. And it is out in the middle of nowhere and they have this sign saying to pay. I just laughed and then shoot the picture, and no I didn't pay.

pay blog

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a sad moment for me

"Oh look at the your little girl! How cute is she.", "Your little girl is so cute.", "How nice, you have a boy and a girl."

WHAT!!! is what I'm thinking.

That is what we heard all night when we were at Disneyland the other night. Landon swear that we were going to cut it that night. And for the record he was wearing boy clothes that were boy colors.

Then at the grocery store today a gentlemen commented how cute my girl was.

So we cut his tonight. I'm sooo sad. But it needed to get done. Really, I could have done pigtails with his hair. But above all, he still did not look like a girl.

Some eighties look going on. My brother Ryan had that look in Jr. High and he totally thought he looked cool. Yeah, we just laugh whenever we look at that picture. But he was a pretty cool guy though and still is.

Ok so it's not that bad. (actually he is still so cute) I'm still so sad. There is one thing I would love to learn while I'm mom, that is to cut my boys hair. My mom, sister, and sister-n-law all can cut hair. Some how I didn't inherit that particular talent. But do I realize that, NO! I still try every time my boys need a haircut. And what happens every time I do it: Aunt Krista fixes it. So Krista if you are reading can you fix his hair next time your in town, I would really appreciate it.

Over all I tried to be nice whenever someone called him a girl. However, if someone does it again with his hair short I don't think I would be as nice. I'm already sad as it is. He no longer has that baby face. It's all toddler. That I'm not ready for.