Thursday, May 29, 2008

an afternoon treat

So I might have had a sweet tooth when I thought of making brownies. However they are Zucchini brownies....from my garden. My I also add that they are made with pure Grape Seed oil. However, with all the sugar, chocolate and other yummy stuff in it, it just threw that out the window. Meanwhile Wyatt sure enjoyed it.



You know if your a good mom if your son says "Your a good cooker mom, thanks so much!!! i just love it!" I think I have succeed in life.

And yes, this is my master piece which made me, myself and my son very happy this afternoon. Did you notice the fork there. Yep no plate need, the fork will do just fine.
Note: by the time I wrote this that little square grew. I did have plenty of help by a three year old.

spaghetti + fudge pops= this

DSC_1204 y prettyizer
I always stray from having a big mess with food. But last night was inevitable. So I let go and let Shane enjoy his dinner however he wanted. Since he was already a mess I thought to my self "why not dessert as well". And he couldn't have been happier. He was so cute I couldn't resist and I took pictures.

DSC_1215 shf

DSC_1214 tdw bmg

DSC_1216 yin dere
And then it was bath time!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

a graduating senior

On Friday afternoon I had the chance to take Bree's senior pictures. Because of time and scheduling we ended up just going to my n-laws restaurant (which will be opening up in September). Their property was the PERFECT place to do her senior pictures. I am lovin the light around 5:30-6:00pm. I was so excited to do Bree's pictures because one, she is gorerous and two she's one of my favorite laurels. (if your wondering what that is, pop me an email and I will explain)

Bree was doing such a great job that we kept on shooting and shooting more and more pictures. One of the hardest jobs of being the photographer is all the post-work of pictures. The hardest thing for me with this shoot was that I LOVED them ALL!!! Bree you did an amazing job. You made my life so much easier. So here are just a few of my favorites. There are just too many to choose from.

Bree on grass

Cute of Bree

Bree on steps

So this one below, for some reason I just love. Sometimes in the shoot I will do something different to just....spice things up a bit. Sometimes they are great, others I make a mental note not to do that again. Such the opposite with this one (at least for my taste, sorry if you may not like it). Just something out of the ordinary......I love it. I love it alot.

Bree fav

Ok can we say "Gorgeous!!!" Now that one I'm love'n
Fav of bree

Once again out of the ordinary. May not be the one that they are going to hang in the house, but maybe to a future boyfriend (just kidding, I don't know) But I still really like it.
Bree on swing

Bree barn blog

At my n-law's property, they have a couple of units you would say, that are a burnt reddish color, which I just LOVE. (Just a little side note: the house and units were built in 1985 and was used as chicken coupes) So there is an old, texturey feel I get when I shoot there. I love the wheel and door in these pictures, they add a little something.
Bree you did a great job and you look fantastic!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

having fun with the Hathaways

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking the Hathaways family pictures. Laura Hathaway is in my ward and asked if I would take them and I was delighted to do so. Then she told me that there were going to 25 people. "Wow" is what I thought. I have done a much bigger group before, but it has been so long ago. However, I thought it went really well. I really enjoyed taking their pictures, and it was really easy working with them. They were such enjoyable family to work with.

group pic hathaway blog

Jared Hathaway blog

This is Laura and her cute little family. Kourtney and Wyatt are in the same age group for nursery. She is the cutest little girl ever. And Laura don't worry, there is another great shot of your family, but I just loved the expression on Kourtney's face here.
Jeff Hathaway blog

7 kids Hathaway blog

kids hathaway blog

And here are the two that started this great family.
Grandparents Hathaway blog

All the kids did GREAT!!! I don't think I have had such an easy group of kids
grandkids hathaway blog

I love pictures of sisters. And this one just melts my heart. Maybe I'm that way because of me and my sister.

hathaway girls

This little girl Madison was so cute. She always gave the cutest facial expressions.
madison hathaway blog

crazy hathaway blog
And by the end of the photo shot, I'm sure they felt this way! However, I really enjoyed it and had a blast. Thanks for letting me be part of your day, you guys did great!