Thursday, January 17, 2008

mia and wyatt

Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my friend from High School Amber and her two cute girls. Wyatt and Mia (Amber's oldest) played so well together. Mia calls Wyatt "WyWy", it's so cute. While we were there we said "Hi" to some of the Disney characters. To my amazement Wyatt loved going up and hugging them and saying hi. Which he has always been afraid of them. As you can see in the pictures Wyatt was totally hugging them and Mia wasn't quit sure of what she wanted to do. It was funny. It was such a great day to go to Disneyland yesterday, there was no one there. That's when I like it, no lines, no fuss. It was so fun to catch up with Amber too. I can't believe that it's been 7 going on 8 years that I have been out of High School(thank goodness, high school years were not my favorite). Hopefully we'll do it again!

He's such a poser! Thanks again Amber!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A look back of Shane's 1st year

I cannot believe that on Jan. 19th Shane will be one years old. Man time goes by fast. I do know that he brings such life and love to this family, and Wyatt would be so lonely without him. Every morning when Shane wakes up he is looking for his brother. I couldn't imagine life without my two boys. And I know there is at least one more to come, and whenever they come down to us I will feel the same way. But this year was a good year for my little boy.
Happy Birthday Shane