Thursday, November 27, 2008

my little thanksgiving tree

So I have this amazing friend Marisa that is so creative and cute. I went to her house a little awhile ago and she asked me if I wanted make some leaves for a little grateful tree.
It was the cutest idea ever!
However, it wasn't until last night that we were able to do it as a family. It was the cutest thing ever! Wyatt was very cute being thankful for his power rangers and his house in Chino and bed in Chino. (Kind of sad since were at my moms in Orange)

_DSC0032 pret

I'm thankful for my friend who came up with this idea, my friend who is so kind and has been my sanity with this all. My friend who sets examples for me.
DSC_0027 pret

I'm grateful for my priceless moments with my family. Who bring such great joy to my life.

DSC_0221 del

For my boys that bring endless laughter to my life, that brightens my day

DSC_0223 del
I'm grateful to be alive and for the life I live.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

christmas is coming

And my schedule is getting booked. So if you want to book an appointment, do so soon! I don't want you to go without Christmas pictures. Email me at to book.
The Roberts
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to photograph another cute family. The easy part was that the girls are all in dance and so they know how to pose. It was actually pretty funny and way too easy for me. They kept me laughing!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i know it's alittle late

but that has been the story of my life. So better late then never.
But I loved Halloween this year! My boys were the cutest buzzlight year and red power ranger ever. Just have look for yourself!

DSC_0369 bmg ez

I love that Shane has to do whatever Wyatt does


DSC_0380 bmg

DSC_0394 bmg ez

Thursday, November 6, 2008

what's new?

Well nothings new. Nothing has changed since before. Other then I'm starting to get used to it. Some how that is a sad thing. But I know that I am needed and that's what keeps me going. And some how my kids are getting used to it too.

Out of nowhere I have received a bucket full of patience that I never knew I had. I wish I practiced it with my mine children before this. But that never is the case. I just hope that I can keep it up when we return home.

Well I am a little late on this post. And I apologize. As mentioned in my last post, I had a photo shoot with Ryan and Taryn. Here are some more pictures of them.

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