Friday, July 25, 2008

oh how i love water

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There seems to be some hidden ingredient to water. Something that I need to bottle up and keep so that I can give it to my kids when were out and about.

They seem to act ......cute, and fun. And they are happy. There's no tantrums, no talking back when playing in water. I would really love to get that secret ingredient.

They are just cute!

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So in high school my favorite movie was "Tommy Boy". I would quote that movie all the time. So when I looked at this picture below I just started to laugh. So there's this part in the movie that Tommy boy is walking past a pool and see's this pretty girl and he totally sucks in his huge gut and says "So do you know where the gym is at?" I know my sister will be the only one to laugh with me on this on, but my Shane is totally a Tommy Boy. He is such a little fatty and to see him suck in like that was just too funny for me.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

not again.....

Yes, it happened again! I have neglected my children, my husband, my house and I have been lost in a book (make that 3 books) again. I'm pretty sure you could guess which ones they are.


Explains it all.

All three of 5 days.

So you can say I'm ready for Aug. 2 (for anyone who has not read the books, that is the release of the forth book)

And I'm pretty sure my kids will look like rug rats, my house will be a mess and my husband....who?

I do enjoy a good book.

Just a little sad that Host wasn't as good.