Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what to say???

So I often wonder what to say (or write) on this blog.

Usually I don't say much at all.

I just say something small about some pictures and then let my pictures say the rest.

I haven't had anything going on lately other then having cousins stay with us, Dallen coming home from Iraq, Landon's uncle staying with us, trying to keep the house clean, having a broken dryer, having your husband go down to part time and going to school full time, as well and being sicker then no other and going to urgent care. Ya, you know just your daily stuff going on.

And somewhere all through that I think about what in the world do I put on my blog. Like it's some important thing I have to do. I guess I get a little envy-ess when I look at others and they post like everyday (Marisa) and I don't have time to do my dishes. When in the world did blogging become so important in my life.

So this is what I have thought up to write about......with no pictures

I cannot believe that the Lord put my in charge of two beautiful boys and wants me to raise them. A little overwhelmed. But how lucky am I. I get to be with these boys for the rest of my life. (I'll include my husband in that one).

I love watching them think through stuff. I love seeing them act so sweetly and say "Your the best mom ever." (that is actually quoted by Wyatt).

Tonight when I was making dinner, it actually went smoothly. (Usually there is me yelling, a kid screaming and the other thinking he is in some rock band playing the drums). Tonight we were laughing, dancing and they were happy. Wow!!! And I get to start traditions, and sing silly songs with them, put up forts, and most importantly have our licking wars. And I get start all that. It's my turn to play house and make the rules.

And I get to do it with the cutest three boys ever.

How lucky am I

I've been so stressed lately and worried about things that I forgot to stop and enjoy what I do have. And once I did that, things kind of were put back in place.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

pat and brittany markarian 08-08-08

Pat and Brittany are finally married!!! I had such a fun time shooting their wedding. It was the first time Lydia I worked together on a wedding and I thought it went really well. I really enjoyed this wedding. The wedding party was great! The bride and groom....wonderful. Little did I know that on Friday (the day of the wedding) it was 08-08-08. It didn't come together until I got to the San Diego Temple and I was told that there was 28 weddings. If anyone of you know about or have seen the San Diego Temple (it's gorgeous)but not alot of picture spots. However, it all came together and it was beautiful!

0074 blog
Pat had written Brittany a letter to her and had someone give it to her while she was getting ready. It was so cute.

0032 oldschool blog

0339 xs70 blog

0343 sx70 blog

0696 xs70 blog

0106 retouch bmg blog

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0732 shf g blog

0746 blur blog

0262 old s blog

My favorite shoot of the night

0585 mbw blog

0626 bbw blog

0608 mbw blog

0930 bbw blog

0896 bbw blog

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i do have the cutest boys

So this blog is for my enjoyment purposes. And if other people like it, great. So if I offend someone's feelings, sorry!

But I have the cutest boys ever!!!!

Today, as I am about to put Shane down for his nap, Wyatt comes and gives Shane his daily nap hugs. Well they kept hugging and then Wyatt says "Were so cute, Mom take a picture". Me capturing that moment....made my day!

I love these boys. I just wish they can stay like this forever.

DSC_0343 bmg burn

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the end of the saga

I really hate it when I have nothing to post. I've been away for a week and just like my life, I have nothing exciting to share. Expect that I finished the fourth book of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and "Wow". It was different, it was good.......and I guess that's how the love story is going to go. I have really enjoyed this ride that I went on with them. Yes.....kind of sad that it is over. But at the same time I really need to get back to reality: cleaning my house, paying attention to my children and husband and dealing with life. It was a nice escape for me to go to, somewhere where I didn't have to deal with life. But now I know what happened to them (like they are real people....listen to me)

And I really hate it when I post something and don't have a picture or pictures. So the other day I realized that I haven't posted some pictures of my friend Amber and her girls. It was way back in May I think when I did these. I was just playing around with them so thought I would share. Mia (Amber's oldest) is Wyatt's age (three days apart) and they are so cute together! The other day we saw them hugging and saying that they loved each other forever. OK how cute is that! That would be rad if they got married when they got older. Which would be really funny because Amber is the real reason I meet Landon (I went on a group blind date with her and that's where I meet him) Now if I could only return the favor. :)

Amber_039 os hq blog

Amber_121 yinsnapbb blog

Amber_107 tdwyinblue

Amber_097bmg blog

Amber_141 yintdwbbvblog

Amber_134 snap yin bb blog

Of course, while I was down there I had to take a picture of the view

Amber_111 tdwbmgburn blog