Tuesday, December 23, 2008

spending time with our personal santa

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For the past four years around this time of year Landon is gone quit a bit. Doing what you say? Well, he's Santa. At least for West Riverside County he is. Every year for almost the month of December is helps the Riverside Fire deparment gather food and toys for the families that are need of their help. Then he and other fire fighers deliver it to them.

This year was our first year that the boys and I came along. We had first row seats. (actually it was the back seat of the fire truck, but you get the hint). The boys had a blast! (so did mom). First they got to ride in the truck with fire fighters with the lights and sirens going, as well as knowing that their dad knows Santa well enough that he got to help the big guy out! You see Santa Clause himself called up Landon to ask him to help him out in this time of need. He even sent his suit for him to wear. So the boys were very impressed.

DSC_0017 o

What was so amazing is that there were so many volunteer fire fighers helping out. It was a line just to get inside the house to deliver the packages.


Wyatt did so good with calling Landon Santa Clause and not dad. He actually was Santa's special helper a couple of times. And in between that, he chatted it up with the fire fighters


or goofed off with them. One or the other.


(just so you know this shoot was taken while holding Shane....I know, not so good)
DSC_0007 words

Some of the fire fighters loved having the boys there with them. They would just take them under their wing. It was awesome



I would have to say that doing this really brought the Christmas Spirit. I wasn't to happy with doing this only because I knew Landon couldn't help me with the boys. We visited 15 families last night and that means getting the boys in and out of the carseats 15 times. Plus we were out till 10:30pm at night. So I just nervous about it. However, by the time we got to that first door, I knew I was so glad to have come. All I did was witness it. I didn't put time in organzing it, or volunteering my time (well it was my husband's time) but I didn't do much but watch. And it was the most wonderful feeling I had in a long time. To be able to see the happiness in the children's eyes was so moving. And to watch my boys give the presents to them was so heart warming. I really had to fight back some tears last night. It really put things in to perspective for me.

There was one other reason I was filled with joy last night. One that brought such happiness to my sense's. My husband had to wear a belly with the outfit. A pretty big belly. A belly that is almost the size I am when I'm pregnant. (if you haven't seen me pregnant....I'm HUGE!! I know I am. What do you expect when I deliver 9lb babies)
So when Landon was getting dressed and he was complaining about it, I just had the biggest most satisyfing smile on my face. I don't know what else could bring more joy to me. And when he asked me to help him put on his shoe.....oh the enjoyment I felt. I laughed. Then I said "ok next time I'm pregnant, don't laugh at me anymore when I ask you to help me put on my shoes"


And yes I did kiss Santa Clause last night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

shootin it with the suggs

So if you read this blog, you'll know that I have this amazing friend Marisa:

_DSC1414 blog
(she is going to kill me for posting this picture. But I love it and I think she looks beautiful in it).
Well she had this idea for a picture that she wanted for a christmas card. She said "you just have to shoot one picture. I know exactly what I want, just one picture!" She sit it up and I just pushed the shutter. And it came out beautiful!

_DSC1326 blog
However, I couldn't go to a location with brick, three kids dressed to the tee and being happy, have perfect lighting, and just take one photo. No way! Too many pros on my side for a good photo shoot. (I think she knew that too). Well I'm glad because heres some cute-tees for ya

_DSC1352 blog

So heres a picture that has everything wrong in it. It's blurred for one, and the head is cropped off, but I LOVE it!! I was kind of playing tag with Miley when I shot it.

_DSC1365 blog

_DSC1396 blog
So heres my favorite picture. You couldn't have asked for anything more from three kids and smiling faces
_DSC1341 blog

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12-13-2008 sneak peak

Just a sneak peak of a family photo shoot (a couple of families) that I did last weekend.

Salmon blog 2

Salmon blog 1
Well after 2 1/2 months of taking care of my mom and grandma I get to enjoy a little break. A 10 day break!
I can only count the things to get done:
put up the christmas tree
hang the lights
christmas shopping!!
work on pictures
be a mom, just mom (no care giver)
that's what I'm a excited to do....be a mom again
(I might even blog more )oooohhh

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the many faces of a prince

So if you haven't noticed yet, I've been a little busy with holiday photo sessions. But I love them!
It's a time the family can be together
Capture the fun and love

And I love this family! They are always so happy and optimistic. And Heidi, oh my, how I love that women. She's a crack up!

Prince022 blog

Prince068 blog

One of my many reasons why I love this family is that they have thee most beautiful eyes. All of them! Not just one or two, but all of them! That is a photographers dream. Thanks you guys!

Prince090 blog

Prince125 blog

Prince166 blog

Prince144 blog

These two shoots are my favorite. Can't decide. Girls, you are stunning!

Prince154 blog

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the clausen family

A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to photograph the Clausen family. They were such a cute and active family.

Clausen063 blog

So this kid cracked me up! Landon and I both agree that he is totally an older Wyatt

Clausen Blog

Clausen104 blog

Clausen116 blog

Clausen005 blog

Clausen185 blog

Clausen238 blog

Clausen224 blog
Thanks again Clausen family!