Wednesday, February 25, 2009

nine years ago.....

to this day I met my best friend, my husband.
Now the only reason I know that it was Feb. 25Th was because it is printed on the picture. We met on a blind date. My friends mom and Jayne McCook were on a chat room and planned a blind date for their kids. They thought they would add a twist and have four of their friend come along. Well I happen to be one of the girls from Corona to go on this date.
I remember are we going to do this?, What if we all like one guy from the group? How do we pair up or know if any are going to be good looking?
We were so nervous that least I was.
And we were rolling high that night too. We started out at Chuck E Cheese.
So the girls got there first. And we watched like a hawk to see when they were coming. (Oh the good old days of the excitement of boys)
As we saw them approach I noticed that one of them had this full on Amish looking beard. Believe it or not that is what attracted me to him. At the age of 18 this guys could grow a full on beard. I love facial hair.
And it sound so cliche, but we have been together since.


Wow we look so young!

us 1

Right after high school I moved to Hawaii and opened up a Halloween Store. One in Oahu and the other on the big island. I had this dream of mine to go to Hawaii. I didn't care how or when I was going to Hawaii. Who would of thought that it was to open a Halloween store. So before Landon left on his mission I left for Hawaii. I missed him so much! However, Landon has always seemed to surprise me in some way. So when my mom came out to Hawaii to see me, Landon just happened to be on the plane as well. I had no idea. So we had an amazing two weeks together in Hawaii before his mission. We might have worked a lot. But we had this favorite beach together, and one of these days we will go back.


So here is a little fake happy anniversary to us!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a belated valentines post

My husband has learned a little sad truth about me. I say one thing, but completely mean something different.
I say "no you don't have to buy me that".....what I really mean is : "you don't have buy me that, but I would LIKE it".
So I say "don't buy me flowers". But what I'm thinking is that: "flowers would be really nice".

So after 5 1/2 years of marriage I got flowers for valentines day. I love my sweet heart!

(We really don't celebrate valentines day. We actually trade with me sister-n-law. They go out on a date on valentines day and we watch their kids. Then on Feb. 25th she watches our kids while we go out. Now you ask why Feb 25th? Well that is the lucky day that changed my life forever......about 9years ago. The day I meet Landon on a blind date.
So instead of fitting crowds of people, we spend it with the kids. I like it that way. And this year we had 9 KIDS this valentines. If we have 5, what is four more kids, right? And actually it was a lot fun being with them.)
So I don't have any pictures of the 9 kids I had all day, but I do have some shoots of the flowers that my love gave to me.

Flowers make great subjects. They stay put and don't move. I like this getting flower thing.....

Flower 09_001blog

Flower 09_002blog

Flower 09_003blog

Flower 09_004blog

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oh so in love

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking Kacey and JJ's engagements pictures. What a cute couple. Even though Kacey had booked me for their wedding a while ago, I didn't meet her in person until the day of the shoot. And what a cute couple they are! Here are just a few of my favorites. And it was too hard to decide, there were too many of my favorites.

DSC_4494 blog

DSC_4523 blog

DSC_4548 blog

DSC_4740 blog

DSC_4563 blog
I had to take a shot of the ring. It is absolutley gorgeous and massively huge!
Love it!

DSC_4568 blog

DSC_4632 blog

DSC_4644 blog

DSC_4656 blog

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ginn Family

About a month or so ago the Ginn family asked if I would take their family pictures. All the kids and grandchildren will be in southern California for a baby blessing and wanted to take some pictures. I was so happy to do so. They are the sweetest family....all of them! And if anyone wants some really good teriyaki steak, go to the Ginns. Dave makes the best! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Ginn_3982 blog

Ginn_3774 blog

Ginn_3799 blog

Ginn_3839 blog

Ginn_3879 blog

Ginn_3891 c

Ginn_3994 blog

Thanks again!

only on rainy days

What else do you do on a rainy day?

DSC_3661 blog
Some rainboots and a little rain = an afternoon full of smiles

DSC_4065 blog

a little rain +some dirt = mud

DSC_4066 blog
mud + little boys = a really fun time

DSC_4071 blog

little boys + really fun time (usually) = a really big mess

DSC_4073 blog

I grew up with a mom that whenever it rained, we raced outside and played in the puddles.

DSC_4081 blog

I hope my boys do the same with their children. Rainy days inside are no fun

DSC_4091 blog

DSC_4097 blog
So I just had to put this picture of this cool pot on the blog. My talented husband made that for me. Good job love!

DSC_4093 blog
Oh how I love rainy days! Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the last wedding of 2008

I finally feel I am back to normal. Or should say my working life. I was put on hold because of my dying computer. So after searching and searching I found one that I like. Still getting used to it. I now feel that I was totally in the dark ages with my old beast. But I am back and up and running.....hopefully.

A couple months back I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Joshua and Brittany Childs. They were such a cute couple. And Brittany was such a beautiful bride! The whole family was such a delight to be around. Landon and I really enjoyed working with them.

DSC_2295 blog

Childs0659 blog

I absolutely feel in love with this picture. I pure grandparent moment indulged in their grandchild.

Childs0157 blog

Childs0633 blog

Childs0624 blog

Childs0682 Blog

Childs0616 blog

Childs0609 blog

Childs1097 blog 2

Childs0407 blog

Childs0481 blog

Childs1110 blog

Childs1150 blog