Saturday, March 21, 2009

just another day......

with my dearest friend Marisa. One who brings such sanity to this crazy world of mine. One who I need to talk to at least once a day and would love to see more then once a week. So what better way of taking my weekly dose then going to the fields with the kids and capturing what they do best. Being themselves. Call it a day at the beach......Chelsea's beach.

Gotta love the difference between the boys and girls and what they collect. Or maybe the difference between Marisa's kids and mine. Mia brings a hand full of snails and Wyatt collects wild flowers for me. It was awesome.

My absolute favorite picture of the day

Then the second is this. You can't help but smile or laugh when you see this. This way I love Marisa so much! So now you see why I have a new header.....thank you Marisa

Oh how I love my boys

We could not leave without taking a group shot. In a nutshell, this is the gang. One that I wish I hung out more often.

I think the kids were a little too excited to be done...maybe a Wyatt a little more then the rest

Sunday, March 15, 2009

your turn colorado

I'm heading up your way. I'm going for only a weekend, March 28th, wish it was longer. But I will be doing mini-photo sessions. If your interested email me at

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and now it's my turn......

for family pictures. It's a love hate relationship that I have with family pictures. I love taking other families pictures, but hate taking mine. However, I want them so badly. And I love the out come of them too.

So now we have them!

Lydia was so kind enough to take them. And to deal with my awkwardness. (You would think I would know what to do with myself because I tell other people how to stand. It's like I become a dummy when it's my turn. Maybe I have a little stage fright).
We have a little trade thing going on that I love. And she did a such great job capturing what I had envisioned. And I thank her for it. So here's just a few of my favorites. You can see more on her blog as well.

IMG_0817 b p

IMG_1136 bmg

The picture below is my favorite!
IMG_0916 blog

IMG_0770 bmg pret pos

IMG_1221 c
So just a little sad story to tell you. While Landon and I were taking some couple shoots, Wyatt thinks that it would be really cool to climb up on the window. The moment we saw him up there we told him to get down. We assumed that he would just climb back down.
He chose to do a belly floop down, landing on his chest and face.
So the picture below is of his slipt lip. It looks like nothing in the picture though. He had one fat lip. However, I love the picture still!

IMG_1226 bmg