Monday, September 24, 2007

He Started!!!!!

Well today was Landon's first day at the academy. He left today at 4:30am. I guess when he comes home I can't complain how tired I am. I'm so excited for him, he has worked so hard to get where he is at. I'm proud of my husband and love him so much. And yes all the ladies who are wondering if he looks hot in a police uniform, he does..... J/K But I did make him put it on for me. Yeahhh!!! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekend Get Away

Landon and I... and the boys were able to get away for the weekend. No DJ jobs, no weddings, no work around the house (however, it really needs it)we were able to get away. Are final destination was St. George. However, getting there was a joke. Landon had to drive some Artificial Grass to Las Vegas and drop it off. So we were able to drive his boss' Tahoe which was totally decked out with leather seats, sun roof (my favorite) and even DVD screens in the back of the head rests for the boys. It was nice...wish it was mine. Nevertheless we had to tow four huge rolls of A.G. which slowed us down. So Landon and I thought that if we left around 7:00pm we would get to Vegas around midnight. we thought. Well we didn't leave till 9:20pm. We got through the pass OK with the trailer and we were on way. However, when you see the red and blue lights flashing behind you, you s**t your pants. Especially when your husband just got hired to a police department and he hasn't even started yet. Try explaining that one to the Chief. Not only that, I had climbed into the back seat, not wearing my belt, because Shane was crying and wouldn't stop. But to our dismay it was because the trailer light was broken. Boy did we need to change our pants after that. The police suggested that we pull over to the next off ramp and try to fix it. So we did for about an hour. Then the thought came to me, where are we? We haven't even passed the outlets in Barstow and by that time it was midnight.
So we had decided to stop at a 24hr service stop for trucks at Lenwood ( the outlets in Barstow). Yeah we were there another two hours. But was it fixed?...NO!! By that time Shane was still awake and I really wanted to just leave. So we did. We had arrived in Las Vegas at 5:20am. So from 9:20pm to 5:20am on Thursday night we were driving. We were so tired. But both boys were happy and very much awake. We had to drop off the turf by 8:00am, so we sat in a motel parking lot and let the boys watch movies while Landon and I slept... if you call that sleep.
After we dropped the turf off we just went straight to St. George. I love St. George, it is so beautiful there. Wyatt loved playing with his cousins there. They have a pool, spa, scooters, and a dog, so everything that will keep a two year busy for hours....I loved it. It was so nice and relaxing. Landon and I just did nothing there. Expect to go see his grandma....which was the main reason for going. She hasn't been doing so well, so we wanted to go up and see her.

I love these pictures. Shane was not afraid of Maddy (the dog). He had his fingers all in her mouth and he loved it. Poor Maddy

As mentioned Wyatt loved swimming in their pool. But in this picture he looks like a little boy, not a toddler. He is totally losing his baby face. I'm sad...but he is still so cute

We were trying to teach Wyatt how to ride the skateboard on his stomach, but he wasn't getting it. So I started to show him by me getting on the skateboard. He saw that and ran and jumped on my back and thought it was some kind of ride. And yes I look so terrible. That is what I look like when I haven't slept in 24hr plus and no shower....yeahhh sexy.This is sweet Grandma Joyce. I wanted to take a few photos of her and our family. She is such an amazing women. So this picture had such terrilbe lens flare, but I wanted to show what a wonderful view Earl and Mari have from their backyard. It's beautiful at night. I loved seating there in their spa looking out on the view....Wonderful!!!This is so funny. I wanted to take a picture of Wyatt on the scooter. So I told him to look at me when he got on. However, he thinks he is some kind of model and he totally posed for this picture. When he saw me with the camera pointed towards him, he ran to the wall holding the scooter and looked down and said "Cheese!". He is such a funny kid.

Monday, September 10, 2007

We got a new Dishwasher!!!

So over the weekend we got a new dishwasher.....Finally, it's been eight months. Instead of paying to have someone install it, Landon and his dad did it themselves. Maybe next time we'll pay someone to do it. However, Wyatt was well entertain by the work glasses that Landon has. So while Landon was installing the dishwasher, Wyatt and I were having fun taking pictures of each in his glasses, it was fun for the two of us.

My Aunt's New Puppies

On Friday my aunt's dog had 10 puppies. So on Saturday we all went to her house to see them. I cannot believe that a dog can have 10 puppies and only be pregnant for only 10 weeks. Totally unfair in my opinion. But they were so cute. The mother is a black Lab and she had 3 black, 1 chocolate and the rest were yellow. Of course when you see baby puppies you always want one. Well now I do, but Landon says no. I'm trying to have Wyatt keep saying he wants one to hopefully change Landon's mind. We'll see how that goes.
I love this picture of Shane and the puppy. He looks totally unsure of this thing that is in front of him.We finally got to hold one of the puppies when the mother fell asleep. This one is the lightest of them all. It was so cute. But Wyatt was a little unsure of it. Even if we were going to get one, it wouldn't be until a couple of months

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

HE PASSED!!!!!!!

Landon had his interview with the Cheif of the city of Orange Police Department and he passed. He still has to pass the medical and pyshc. But we think he will do just fine. The city of Orange has a pre-acadmey starting on the 24th of Sept. Then he will start the real acadmey on Oct. 8th at Golden West in Huntington Beach. Yeahhh for Landon. I love him so much. We have been through alot to get this and I'm so proud of him.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our Labor Day Activities

Landon and His Mustache

Everyone knows Landon is on the hairier side. He used to shave drawings on to his stomach because....well his hairy. But that was one of my first attractions that I liked about him, other then him being so drop dead gorgeous. I love the fact that he can grow a bread in like 3 seconds....totally turns me on. For some time now he has had a go-tee (I don't know how to spell that) and some chops. Well tomorrow is his interview with the Chief of the City of Orange police department, so he decided to slowly shave off his facial hair. However, I hate it when he has just a mustache. All I can do is laugh at him when I look at him. He looks so old! He thinks he is going for the cop look. Gross! So this is what I look at in the morning. Gladly he'll be shaving this off tomorow morning. I made him pose and take a picture. Just thought I would share that with you. He's totally going to kill me for putting this on here.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our Many Trips to Disneyland in a Week

While Christina was down we went to Disneyland so many times. I convinced her to buy a pass, it's already paid off by the many times we went. Hopefully she will come back down before her pass expires.
Christina and Shane
So this was so funny. All day at the park Shane would not fall asleep and we were there all day. So of course we think he's never going to fall asleep and the moment I give up he does. He was so out. All these people were looking down at him and laughing and saying "Ooh how cute!" So Landon and I look down and we see that Shane fell asleep. I had to take a picture of this, it was so cute. He totally had a red mark on his forehead.