Monday, June 23, 2008

the davies family

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking the Davies family pictures. I had meet Laura about five years ago (the one on the very right with blonde hair) when I was working at an eye doctors office. You can say we had a lot of good laughs. I can't believe it's been that long ago. Well she called me up and wanted her family pictures taken.
What I love about taking peoples, and family pictures is watching them. Watching them react to each other, watching them laugh, watching them be with each other. I feel I get to be fly on the wall for a few moments. And with this family I could feel peace. I left that photo session (other then in a rush for other events that happen on a saturday) with such a nice feeling. I had such a fun time, thank you!

Davies Family055 tdw

Davies Family082 pop blog

So this picture was my favorite of the day. I love it when a picture speaks to me. And this one does. To me it says, love, laughter, trails, charity, and companionship. They just look happy! I hope that Landon I can one day have our family pictures taken with all our kids and grandchildren and be as happy as they are.

Davies Family217 yin, tdw gr blog

Ok, isn't she the cutest little blonde hair, blue eyed girl ever.

Davies Family097 yin,pop glow blog

Davies Family025 pop blog

So here is the grandparents and all the grandkids. However, what I wished I got was a picture of all the parents behind me to get the kids attention. The things we do to make children laugh.

Davies Family140 yin,tdwno blog

So after we did the whole family Laura wanted a couple a just her family. I tried really hard to focus on Laura and the kids, because as a mom (and photographer) I never have pictures of me and the kids.

Davies Family401 yin shf blog

Davies Family163yin, green blog

I love this one of Laura and her little girl

Davies Family255 shf blog

Davies Family109 yin,bmg blog

Can't go without the pictures of Dad and son.

dad & grant
Thanks again Davies Family for letting me capture your family pictures!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

holy zucchini

One of the daily routines that we have is that when Landon comes home he goes out to the garden with the boys and checks out what might have grown. Just the other day I was cooking dinner and knew the boys were out there looking at the garden. I had thought to myself "they are not going to bring anything in" for I have already went out there to see if I needed to pick anything. There was nothing to my eye. Well I was mistaken and need to get my eyes checked. Look at this thing, its hugh! I'm sure that there is already the biggest zucchini in the world record. But what gets me is that I didn't see it.

So this is my messy kitchen and died flowers that I need to throw away. But I also didn't see any of these cucumbers either. So this picture down below will show you the size difference of a regular cucumber next to this monster of a zucchini. Oh honey, I am making zucchini bread tonight!


And now my sunflowers are finally blooming. However, they are of really weird forms of circles. They are not perfectly round. Which makes it hard to make a nice picture of them. Anyways, this is the nicest one I found. The sunflower isn't my favorite flower, but it adds a nice touch to my backyard and a feel for summer. Anyone living in California will know we are in summer right now. Wow it's been hot!

DSC_0007cool sunflowerblog