Saturday, January 31, 2009

waking up to this

Can life get any better then waking up to this?

the sweet innocence of you, the curiosity.......

the rays of light that you bring to my day

Thanks for being my sunshine in the morning.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a long time has opened

After many years it is has finally opened it's doors to the public.
After many days (and years) of construction, it has finally opened it's doors.
After a son returning from a mission, getting married, another son entering the army, going to Iraq, that son getting married and three more grandchildren later, it has finally opened its doors. After countless Sunday dinners and family functions, it has finally opened it's doors.
After many permits after permits and wishing we could pop the heads off the people down in Chino City Hall, it has finally opened it's doors.
After countless questions of when is it going to open, it has finally opened.
After many restless nights on what to put on the menu, it has finally opened.
The Avocado House is now open for business!!!
For many who don't live in the great city of Chino, and don't know what the heck the Avocado House is, it is my mother-n-laws restaurant. Anyone and everyone who has been to a few weddings that she has catered, knows that my mother-n-law can cook. And finally today was the day that it opened for business.
So if you happen to be in Chino, stop on by and have yourself and a nice lunch. I'm sure she would enjoy your company!
For now she is open for breakfast and lunch only. She will be open for take out dinner in a few months.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so last year....

A little late is always better then never. Well that's me, always late (just not to dinner). So I had all the intentions of doing a nice sweet Christmas blog with a little of my totally last minute rocken new years eve party. Well life happens....and I didn't. Then on top of all that my computer is in the middle of mid-life crisis and just about to be chucked out. So what your about to see is half edited pictures and half not edited pictures. sorry, but that's life. I just know Marisa is dying to see these pictures. so here I am posting on my computers last leg of life, while I wait to for my new computer.
So this is the start. I had to put this one in. The day care that my grandma goes to had a Christmas program with Santa. Of course my boys freaked out so I don't have one of them, but my grandma just got a kick out it sitting next to Santa. Amazing how the little things make her happy. I love my grandma! Now a days this smile doesn't come around often so I'm so glad I got to capture it.

So my Christmas started with making cookies for Santa on Christmas eve. And nothing says cookies without a little flour.....all over

DSC_1549 blog
By far this picture and this reaction did it for me this christmas. Santa brought what Wyatt wanted so bad. A plane with a train. Translation: the geo-trax set that has the plane. I'm so glad Santa brought that too. That thing is dang cool. I'm totally hooked on it. I (me) play with that thing at least once a day. I can't wait for the boys birthdays......they might be getting another addition to geo-trax. I am excited

DSC_1586 blog

DSC_1592 blog

The best with Wyatt and his helmet and knee pads, is that he calls them his skills. Both Landon and I looked at each other when he said that and just laughed. Still calls them his skills.

DSC_1615 blog

So this picture is pretty funny. That isn't Shane being excited about the remote control car. That is Shane completly freaking out about the remote control car. Once we started he bolted to the couch. Sad, yes, funny oh yeah.
DSC_1610 blog

So this is when the fun started. New Years Eve about 9-10:00pm when all the kids are asleep and the adults bring out the Wii. I am not a video game playing person, but boy that thing is fun. Too bad it's not mine.

This picture captured by Marisa. Good Job! Love it! Like my empty picture frames in the background. I am in the process of putting pictures in them.



The hottest ladies there. (give us a break, it was about 1:30am by this time)

And our sweet one year anniversary picture.
All in all, it was great Christmas. I loved it. Sad it is all over, well there is always next year....only 11 months to go

Friday, January 9, 2009

12-30-08 Wedding

Just a little sneak peek to the last wedding of the year!
My favorite part of the wedding is when they walk out hand in hand for the first time as husband and wife.
The way they look at each other
We get to see just speck of what they feel
(it reminds me of my special moment with my favorite moment)

DSC_2295 blog

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the katz family

So I know that I haven't posted much about me lately. Well, I haven't had much time to myself lately. Not with two photo shoots and a wedding within the week of Christmas and New Years. So I promise that I will post my christmas and the famous New Years party pictures that Marisa and Lydia are so dying to see. Soon....I hope.

So the other weekend I had the chance to photograph this cute family. A family that I just adore. And the dad just so happens to be the doctor that put my moms foot together. Lots of thanks to him!
And the little sweet and cute!

Katz080 blog

Katz087 blog

Katz153 blog

Katz315 blog

Katz456 blog

Katz297 blog

Katz354 blog

katz 123 blog

Friday, January 2, 2009

the salmon family

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking the Salmon's family pictures. It was so much fun being around so many people and taking their pictures. The kids did so well considering that it was freezing at the beach. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Salmon179 blog

Salmon172 blog

Salmon054 blog

Salmon175 blog

Salmon158 blog

Salmon146 blog

Salmon140 blog


Salmon085 blog

Salmon040 blog

Salmon074 blog

Salmon117 blog

Salmon006 blog

Salmon032 blog