Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Swanky Beach Session

Angela and Kenny hired me to take their engagements at Balboa Pier. Sunglasses and some swank made this a super fun session. It was a bit strange to shoot Mr. tall, dark and handsome rolling around in the sand with one of my young women. But Angela isn't a "young woman" anymore, she's a beautiful bride to be.

A Biggie family update coming soon....I promise!


Tyler Jorgenson said...

Great shots Chelsea, you've got a great talent.

{marisa} said...

these are rad! i heart polka dots. the second to the last is my fav- i wanna make out under pretty lights at sunset.

Steenlove said...

Wow that was an amazing photoshoot! Did you use any flash at all? You are talented!

Vanessa said...

Every single shot! Amazing, I loved everyone. Will you still be doing this 15 yrs from now and shoot my daughters eng. pics? :)
btw, it's marisa's fault I'm blogstalking you.