Friday, September 12, 2008

trisha & russ

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of capturing Trisha and Russ. They were moving back up to Utah and wanted some shoots down by the beach before they left. They did great! And they looked great too. They were so natural in front of the camera and so easy to work with. Thanks again you guys.

So I could use a little help from you. I'm trying a new watermark on pictures and I can't decide on which one I want. So maybe some opinions can help me. For sake of less confusion I will call the first one #1 and the second #2. Hope I didn't lose you there.

So the picture here has watermark #1


And the second picture has #2

Jacobson149 blog

Jacobson153 blog

Jacobson160 blog

Jacobson185 blog

And so you get the point.
Jacobson183 blog

Jacobson100 blog

Jacobson 3 blog

Jacobson 2 blog

Ok how rad is this couple. I told you they were awesome. While they were making out in the sand and letting the water come up on them so I could get some incredible shoots, we had a couple on lookers. It was great

Jacobson492 blog

Jacobson 4 blog
Thanks again you guys!


Baker Family said...

I love all those pictures. You are so talented. I also really like your watermark #1.

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Nice shots of a cool couple.

I like watermark #1, but I think they should be more of a watermark than a text overlay. I'm not a fan of 'watermarks' that stand out too much.

I'm sure Trisha and Russ will love how these turned out, nice work!

Jacobson Family said...

we love love LOVE the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again! You are awesome!

Amber said...

HOw amazing r u? If our picts come out 1/2 as good I'll be happy

Jorgenson Clan said...

They look great! It helps when you have such a good looking couple =)
I know she is going to have a hard time choosing which ones to blow up. You did a great job!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Number 1, number 1!! You are an awesome photographer and what a beautiful couple.

Laura said...

I would pick #1 as well! Your pictures look great! :)

Marisa said...

these are HOT!

Jessica Garthe said...

Great Pictures!!! Was this is Laguna Beach???? It always helps to have beautiful subjects to photograph. Way to go!!!!

Chris and Jenn said...

great pictures Chelsea!! they turned out fantastic.

LudiKus said...

those turned out great!

John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

I think this is my favorite photo session of yours. I LOVE these pictures! My favorites are the one of him kissing her in the crosswalk and the one of them sitting up kissing on the sand all wet from the water. I think I'm going to put that one up in my house myself, lol. Do you think John and I could pull that one off? It might not look the same with to old people and the woman all frumpy from having 3 kids, lol. Awesome job!!!