Thursday, June 18, 2009

can we still be friends?

dear blogger,

you have been good to me. you were started as a way to keep close tabs on my long distance sister, but our relationship has evolved over the years. you've gone from a fun family medium to a mix of personal and professional postings. you've introduced me to some wonderful people. you've helped me support my family doing something i'm passionate about, and for that i'll always be grateful. that little photo business we nurtured together is in need of new digs, but please keep in touch. you can find me here!

yours truly,

chelsea b.

p.s. there might a surprise on the other end

1 comment:

Fox Family said...

Chelsea, I am wondering what your pricing is. All of my family is getting together in Chino this weekend because my grandma died and we'd like a family picture. If you are going to be in town and are able to take a picture of us, that'd be great. So, how much? and are you available? Thank you!
Shannon Wanlass Fox